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Everyone managing events from a few to millions told us they needed a better solution.
We literally 'invented' a solution that's not only elegantly simple, off-the-shelf, and the most comprehensive for only $99/year, it also includes creating an online Community, unlimited Events, Event Forums, Community Forums, and Listings. Promotions, Coupons, and other low-cost marketing options are available. Custom turn-key systems.

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Attendees told us they leave events knowing they missed meeting the 'right' people.
Our one-of-a-kind online Communities with Pre/Post Event Discussion Forums provides attendees private networking before, during, and after each event, plus online community forums, and listings. Free Members can join unlimited communities, attend unlimited events, join unlimited forums, add a listing, and more. Premier Membership, for only $99/year, adds anonymous networking, SecureMail communication, creating a Community, unlimited Events, Event Forums, Community Forums, and Listings. 14 ways to connect privately.

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